Thursday, April 19, 2007

Movie Update From OSC

Orson Scott Card spoke to IGN Movies and gave them the latest on the Ender's Game movie. Unfortunately, it's not good news since it's doesn't seem like the movie will be coming out any time soon. On the other hand, perhaps it is best that the film not be made until it's going to be done correctly.

Ender's Game is currently in "turnaround" at Warner Bros, meaning WB is not going to be doing the film and the rights may be sold to another studio.

Here are the highlights:
Card advised us that Ender's Game has been put into turnaround at Warner Bros., a move that the author said was "a good thing" for the filmmakers since it allows them to shop the project to other studios. He also suggested that the producers behind Ender's Game -- Chartoff Productions and Fresco Pictures -- may try to raise funding independently.

Card said he is now the sole screenwriter on the project, disclosing that he was pulled away from his Iron Man comic book project to work on the Ender's script.

He emphasized that until financing is in place no director can be hired.

He added that there are several "excellent" special effects houses willing to work on the film because they know the book.