Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OSC comments on some changes from the novel (Potential Spoilers)

On Hatrack, OSC briefly mentioned that he's considering writing a new version of EG, and a change he's had to make for the sake of it being a movie:
Ender's Game, while at the moment it is still my most popular, is not my best novel. I've learned a few things since writing it . Indeed, after working on the screenplay, I'm soooooo tempted to create a completely new version of Ender's Game that includes some of the really cool stuff that I've come up with for the film script. (While still not be a movie novelization - for instance, I still like having Ender meet the hive queen on another planet, not on the asteroid Eros, but for the film there's just no way.)

Monday, August 07, 2006

OSC: Script is being "Tweaked"

OSC gave a minor update about his work on the Ender's Game movie on Hatrack today:
I finished a draft. Tweaking continues. I haven't been fired yet so I'm still part of the process ... we'll see.

What I REALLY just finished was Empire, to be released Nov. 1. My publisher - the editors, the production staff, everybody - are absolutely wonderful to put up with my late delivery on this book.

I'm never late on purpose. In this case, the Ender screenplay kept me from really starting till late
Wolfgang Petersen has said he plans to start pre-production on his next film in September, and he would be spending the summer deciding what would be his next project. So, it starting to get down to crunch time for Ender's Game...

(FYI, Empire is a non-Enderverse sci-fi novel about a not-so-distant second American Civil War that will be published in November.)