Thursday, June 29, 2006

Will OSC Have A Cameo Appearance?

Orson Scott Card was asked on Hatrack whether he would have a cameo appearance in the Ender's Game movie. Here are some of the responses:

OSC: I want to put on a cool costume and be the Hive Queen.

A Rat Named Dog (Geoff Card): I think he should be an officer sitting on the shuttle that takes Bean to Battle School. He should give Bean a contemptuous look, and then return to reading a book.

OSC: By the way, Rat Named Dog was cheating. He's read the script and he KNEW there was such an officer who glances at Bean contemptuously on the shuttle. But until he suggested it, I never thought of that as an Orson-worthy cameo. Now, you can be sure I will. They'll stick me in the film IF my script is used, and that's as good a spot as any.

OSC: If they use my script, then they probably won't mind my hanging around. If they don't, then I'd be an awkward presence on the set.

Card Finishes Script and Discusses Release Date

Orson Scott Card posted on Hatrack in response to an article about the Ender's Game movie that mentioned the release date being 2008:

Haven't read the article, but if it sets a definite date, then it didn't come from me. There's a possibility of 2008. Depends on how they feel about the script I just finished.