Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another OSC Interview

Orson Scott Card was asked about the Ender's Game movie during an interview with Del Rey posted on http://www.computercrowsnest.com. No real new news, but some fans need to take to heart what Uncle Orson had to say, since there's going to be a lot of us disappointed about what's left out:

Q: Just to shift gears, what can you tell us about the forthcoming Ender's Game movie?

OSC: We’re still working on developing the right script. My screenplay isn’t terribly faithful to the details of the story, but perfectly faithful to the spirit and meaning of the story. But when you have a film that’s going to cost a hundred million to do it properly, you don’t bet it all on an author-written screenplay! Right now David Benioff (Troy) and his writing partner, D.B. Weiss, are working on it, and I have high hopes, because I think Troy was a brilliant adaptation of an impossible-to-adapt story. I’ve heard from people who are irate at what Benioff left out of Troy, but my feeling is, the movie didn’t erase The Iliad, it merely introduced it to a huge audience and brought the visual power of the story to people who had never seen it. The visualization of Achilles was incredibly well done, and I think it is Brad Pitt’s greatest performance.

Okay, the movie Ender’s Game is going to leave things out. So what? It won’t erase the book. If anything, it will draw people to the novel. What I want is for EG to be a great movie first, and an adaptation of my novel only second.


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