Monday, May 30, 2005

OSC On the Race Issue

Orson Scott Card posted on his official forum, Hatrack, about the Ender's Game script and the race issues.

Previously, OSC had issues with Warner Bros' demand that in Battle School there be "a handful of token characters from other races but every other child will be white." (see the report from AICN from 2002)

However, things have changed, according to Card:

Nobody is even thinking of making all the kids white; the only question has been whether to make the Battle School population reflect the racial distribution of Earth as a whole, or of America as a whole. And nobody's even DISCUSSING that right now (it's a past question raised by different people from those now working on the film), so for heaven's sake don't accuse the studio or being wrong on something that's not even being discussed, let alone decided.


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