Monday, December 08, 2008

Marvel's Ender's Game Comic Books

The Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow comics have started at Marvel comics, and overall both has been met with praise from both critics and fans alike. I’ve been rather impressed by the quality and how well both novels translate to comic book format.

I believe the Ender’s comics are only available in specialty comic book stores. All five issues of each of the limited series will eventually be collected into a hardcover edition that will be available at bookstore as well, but that will likely be in nearly a year.

Like with most comics, there have been delays. The third issue of Ender’s Game: Battle School will be out in late January, and a release date hasn’t been set for the fourth issue. It might be best to wait for all the issues to be collected, than to read both of the series serial style.

Ender’s Game: Battle School

Script: Christopher Yost
Pencils: Pasqual Ferry

Issue #1: October 8, 2008
Issue #2: November 19, 2008
Issue #3: January 28, 2009
Issue #4: March 2009
Issue #5: April 2009

Ender’s Shadow: Battle School

Script: Mike Carey
Pencils: Sebastian Fiumara

Issue #1: Dec 3, 2008
Issue #2: January 7, 2009
Issue #3: February 25, 2009
Issue #4: March 2009
Issue #5: April 2009